Black Lives Have Always Mattered!

Get ready for one of the most fascinating ancient history books that you have ever read!

This book explores the important and substantial role of Blacks and Black culture in Classical Civilizations. Its contents will surely surprise you! Blacks had a far more prominent role in the ancient world than many people today realize. This book will take you from the ancient Black kingdom of Numidia, and its warrior king Jugurtha, who came close to defeating the ancient Roman empire, to sub-Saharan Africa in ancient time, where wild beasts were collected for gladiatorial games, and Pygmies had supposed magical powers.

You will explore Blacks in ancient art history, learn about the powerful ancient Kushite Kingdom, that once ruled Egypt, and meet ancient Black history’s most important historian, Dr. Frank Martin Snowden Jr., and much more! The truth is better than fiction, so please be prepared to be amazed!

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